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Gus P.

The Platform For Albuquerque Mayoral Office, 2017

Education, Arts, Community


Support Teachers. Public Schools First. After-School Programs. Community Investment.

Education is an investment every society must be passionate about, and that investment starts in our public schools. Teachers should be celebrated and protected. As Mayor, I will only accept the starting salary of a public school teacher and donate the remainder of the salary to afterschool programs. Importantly, afterschool and extracurricular programs should be cooperative between nonprofits and city infrastructure, ensuring accessibility for all of our students.


Creative Collaboration. Multi-Medium Arts-Plex. House NM Philharmonic. National Festivals.

We need to organize Albuquerque’s arts. We will build a permanent home for the New Mexico Philharmonic in a multi-medium arts-plex, a centerpiece of the revitalizing downtown model. We will support and strive for greater opportunities for local theatre and will sponsor film festivals. All of these things elevate the creative community and bring in revenue through production and tourism.


Active Listening. Neighborhood Empowerment. Non-Profit Cooperation. Personal Solutions.

By listening to and engaging with the community, problems will be solved efficiently. Personal responses for suffering communities will be sought, and no blanket solutions will be utilized. Cooperation between nonprofits will be encouraged, and together these organizations will tackle larger issues than they could alone.

Transit, Industry, Taxes


Bolstered Buses. Safe Commutes. Inter-city Infrastructure. Clear Routes.

Albuquerque is sprawled, which makes transit difficult. Continuing to improve our bus system by making it safe and approachable is extremely important and strategic. Seeking the completion of the Rail Runner line as a possible Denver connection will also be explored.


International Entrepreneurship. Brave Biotech. Solar City. Public-Private Partnerships.

Two industries I’m passionate about bringing to Albuquerque are the BioTech and Solar industries. Utilizing our natural resources, booming start-up culture, and Division 1 research institution, we can create competitive and society improving industry with an international reach, while reclaiming old and misunderstood New Mexican identities. Continuing to grow our film and beer industry is also a focus, especially through sponsoring national festivals for both as a city.


Smart Implementation. Polystyrene Products. Abate Gentrification. Plastic Bags.

Taxes are a part of the social code of a city, and we should be in favor of talking about taxes before attacking teacher’s salaries. Pragmatic taxes on goods with available substitutes or revisiting the products that qualify for sin-taxes is necessary. To help slow gentrification and give people freedom of property, we will also freeze property taxes on primary and singular inter-generational homeowners.

Environment, Solar, Marijuana


Protect Green Space. Enrich Ecosystems. Retain Agriculture. Water Rights.

Conservation is a responsibility we all share. Taxing polystyrene products and putting an end to open space abuse in the South Valley - along with continuing to protect our river and green spaces - are just a few things that informed communities are ready to do. We, as city leadership, will support them.


Going Green. New Industry. New Future. No Compromises.

The time for solar is now. An all-out public-private cooperation between existing Albuquerque business in our city would help everyone. We can bring a manufacturing industry and create a citizenry with one less utility bill. Meanwhile, we can profit by selling the green energy to companies that buy Kilowatt Hours on the open market as part of their green plans.


Swiftly Decriminalize. Responsibly Educate. Clearly Legalize. Pragmatically Tax.

Swiftly decriminalizing and actively working to legalize marijuana is something I will do as Mayor. We need to use that economic opportunity as a city and state to bolster one-time future-building infrastructure and then vitalize our education systems. The sooner we do it, the more our communities will gain, and profits will even begin to emerge from Arizona and Texas.

Police, City Departments, Fire


Administrative Restructuring. Retooled Education. Community Support. New Chief.

Emergency service restructuring is crucial to providing better and more cost effective care. By clarifying the roles of our responders, combining administrative oversight, and creating accessible services like sobriety outposts for cyclically arrested citizens, we provide better social conditions for residents. We will improve relationships with first responders and create a clear accountability system.

City Departments

Reduce Redundancy. Clear Accountability. Workforce Management. Better Utility.

I don’t know how to fix your broken water main or downed telephone line, but our dedicated city workers do. Enabling them to do their job effectively and efficiently is at the forefront of city responsibility. Relying on their experience and insight, we will move longtime workers to management positions to provide necessary insights.


Preventative Care. Social Outreach. Efficient Utility. Worker Support.

Emergency service demonstrates the moral necessity of altruism in society. Fire departments will receive continued city support and will also respond to a greater amount of non-fire related incidents, while maintaining efficiency. They will provide increased care for at-risk community members.

Philanthropy, Water, Homelessness


Administrative Restructuring. Retooled Education. Community Support. New Chief.

By having steadfast vision and no special interests, we can reinvent the city as a worthy place to receive gifts and investments. We can look towards investments from futurebuilders like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Jeff Bezos to help diversify our economy. Trusting the management of infrastructure is a cornerstone of community living that we must bring back, and with a startup and entrepreneurial culture on the rise, there’s no better time than today.


Preserve Waterways. Regulate Fossil Fuels. Promote Advisory Boards.

Water is life. This is not a hyperbolic statement, the protection of our waterways and aquifers is a sacred responsibility we will reinvigorate by creating oil and gas regulations and an advisory board to oversee and guide both above and below ground operations.


Stop Cyclic Incarceration. Support Citizens. Creative Workers. Build Futures.

In 2008, Michelle Obama called for an end to veteran homelessness. Many cities accepted and completed this challenge, and it is time for Albuquerque to join in. As a starting point, Albuquerque’s homeless veterans will find jobs and housing through public-private partnerships and a burgeoning solar industry. If the ABQ Heading Home Model is bolstered and improved, the city stands to save over 5 million dollars annually on homelessness.